Teens & Adults

Most adults motivation when it comes to exercise is to be trim, fit and healthy while doing kickboxing this all comes together in our friendly motivated classes you will burn calories, improve flexibility, strengthen muscles and develop higher endurance. While doing this learning the ever so popular and still growing sport karate/kickboxing.

Training with out a role model, coach, trainer is hard but with our classes they’re is plenty of motivation. Goal setting is important and if you just want to learn something new or you want to get into great shape we can support you.

High energy classes, working technical approaches and applications to kickboxing with belt gradings every 3-4 months working towards black belt success. Who wouldn’t want a goal like that.

We have a strong successful team of instructors who travel all over the world to keep up to date with new techniques and drills so you are always learning new things. If you don’t want to be doing the same old routine then this is where you need to be.