Kaizen (ky-zen) is Japanese for improvement or change for the best. Our philosophy in our training is that our students emotionally and physically grow. Our aim is to allow them to gain knowledge about our sport, teaching them life and social skills and motivating them to be a better and stronger individual.

Kaizen School of Kickboxing has been running since 2004 our family run business between mother and daughter duo Diane Stuart and Kayleigh Robinson who between them have over 30 years of experience in martial arts.

All our instructors at Kaizen are very passionate about passing on our knowledge and we enjoy seeing students develop and achieve goals. From ages 3 years up we can develop skills in kickboxing to the highest level. We strive to keep our students up to date with the latest developments in our kickboxing sport. We travel around the world with our competing team who achieve world wide success.

So if you are interested in learning some thing new, surrounded by friendly and keen instructors and fellow students contact us for information on classes available to you.